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Manhattans' largest, most celebrated foodie series is up here, right in Harlem USA. 50+ eclectic vendors representing the city's best culinary, packaged goods, and arts & crafts offerings. Dozens of local musicians and performers from every genre. 7,000 happy guests at each event. It's easy to see why the Uptown Night Market, in its debut season, has already become an NYC staple, setting the standard. We return to the neighborhood in Spring 2022, the second Thursday of the month. For more details, follow us @uptownnightmarket OR subscribe to our newsletter.


We are a small, diverse, majority female-operated team that's passionate about creating fun and informed experiences for the "love-to-eat" community. We aim to amplify the vibrancy of Harlem and Uptown, its food, culture and support its small and micro-businesses. Following the success of its flagship brand - the Bronx Night Market, MASC Hospitality Group’s team has made it a priority to identify similar communities in Harlem, bring the way we do business, share our passion for food, art, and support of local businesses.

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Uptown Night Market is announcing a season long collaboration with local music organizations such as Harlem Late Night Jazz and  City Love NYC to showcase local talents and with artists such DJ Cosi and Clean Money Music to bring the beats to the dance floor.


We know small businesses are a big deal, they are the backbone of our community. Now more than ever, the Uptown Night Market is committed to providing commerce opportunities to applicable local small and micro-businesses. Apply to join our ever-expanding network of NYC food, beverage, artisan, and merchant vendors.


As a local organization, we rely on partnerships to upkeep a robust event series, filled with family friendly experiences, yet safe and affordable. Our partnerships are validation to the way we chose to do business.

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