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We are a small, diverse, majority female-operated team that's passionate about creating fun and informed experiences for the "love-to-eat" community. We aim to amplify the vibrancy of Harlem and Uptown, its food, culture and support its small and micro-businesses. Following the success of its flagship brand - the Bronx Night Market, MASC Hospitality Group’s team has made it a priority to identify similar communities in Harlem, bring the way we do business, share our passion for food, art, and support of local businesses.

The Harlem Arches has played an important role in the community with its one-of-a-kind, cinematic presence. It was full of life with many businesses and one of the city’s all-time-favorite restaurants, Covo. Marco Shalma, the founder of Uptown Night Market, recalls traveling every Sunday to Covo to taste their signature eggplant dish. When it closed down a few years ago, it was one of many in the area that dissolved. In response, Shalma connected with Zead Ramadam, executive director of West Harlem Development Corporation, in 2021. 

Together as part of an incredible group of local partners such as Community Board 9, the local 30th precinct, and elected officials, they worked tirelessly together to bring the project to life, and to allow MASC Hospitality Group to produce a world-class event series with a mission to support local micro-businesses, artists & performers, and create an equitable, affordable, and very entertaining summer outing to the great community of West Harlem, Harlem, NYC, USA.

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New Yorkers need a sense of unity of culture, now more than ever, and communities are looking to support Main Street. The Uptown Night Market event series will boost morale, enhance local commerce, increase city & statewide exposure to the district, and act as a launching pad for up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs.

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  • Stand for diversity, locality, & originality.

  • Positively impact the community.

  • Focus on customer experience

  • Produce safe, affordable, and fun events

  • Promote local commerce

  • Support local artists

  • Engage in the environmental conversation