While the series is designed for the West Harlem community, we understand and value the nature of foodie culture and expect to attract NY’ers from all 5 Boroughs. Our mission is to enhance the global food scene in our community and foster local entrepreneurship. We stand for diversity equality, locality, and originality, and aim to impact our community positively. We focus on customer experience, events that are safe, affordable, and fun promoting local commerce and supporting local artists.

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New Yorkers need a sense of normalcy now more than ever, and communities are looking to support Mainstreet. The Uptown Night Market event series will boost morale, enhance local commerce, increase city & statewide exposure to the district, and act as a launching pad for up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs.


Our company, Masc Hospitality Group, is known for originating fun, engaging, and entertaining concepts representing the city’s diverse offerings, enhancing local communities and encouraging visitors from the greater New York area and beyond to explore new destinations. We are a small, diverse, immigrant-owned, and operated team passionate about supporting local micro-businesses.

Our way of doing business:

  • Stand for diversity, equality, locality, & originality.

  • Positively impact the community.

  • Focus on customer experience

  • Produce safe, affordable, and fun events

  • Promote local commerce

  • Support local artists

  • Engage in the environmental conversation

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