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3 Food Vendors That Cooked up the Next Big Foodie Trends

At the heart of our social culture lies the thing that brings us together in more ways than one– FOOD! A delicious meal is the start of any good day and the end of an even better one. You know what’s so good about food? You can never stop re-inventing the staples we all know and love. As we constantly evolve with new wacky trends and all sorts of interesting eats, MHG makes sure to keep each of our foodie festivals moving and up to date as the times change. With Uptown Night Market making its comeback in just 3 DAYS, we’re showcasing the food vendors that are cooking up the next big foodie trends at NYC’s largest food & culture festival located in West Harlem!

  1. Perros Locos @perroslocosnyc

Think about a juicy German Wurst, now pack on the explosive traditional Mexican spices, sauces, and toppings… oh, hello, taste buds!

Perros Locos is revolutionizing the food industry with their original food concept – Mexican Style Sausages! The absolute fan favorite, the Tex-Mex Mexabrosa, is a traditional beef hotdog stuffed with melted chunks of cheddar, fresh jalapeño, chopped cilantro and topped with a Mexican style garnish that’ll have you turning back to buy another... and bring one home for later.

2. DownEast Lobstah @downeastlobstah

As the sunny days roll in with record high temps… so does the tasty lobster tide! It’s lobster season and there’s nothing more our taste buds want than to be taken on a ride through seafood heaven.

Nobody knows how to take on a lobster roll like DownEast Lobstah! Freshly cooked lobster straight from the salty sea is marinated in rich butter to let the flavors of the fish shine through. Garnished with beautifully greened scallions and then delicately placed in a bed of fluffy bread, your stomach will be hella happy after indulging in this delicious meal!

3. The Waffle Chic @the_waffle_chic

What if I told you there’s a food vendor that took on the traditional chicken + waffles combo and totally transformed it? I’m talking dessert waffles, savory jalapeno and cheese waffles, waffle blt sammies, waffle tacos, waffles galore!

The Waffle Chic is the one to beat when it comes to flipping some golden brown waffles into an extraordinary meal. For you steak lovers, how would you like your favorite philly cheesesteak served up on a waffle throne? Grilled steak topped with colorful peppers, sweet onion, fresh provolone cheese, and a drizzle of the special waffle chic sauce. Oh, and of course, that delicious pile of savory food is dished up on everyone’s favorite breakfast treat!

These vendors are HOT on the streets and are climbing to the top of the foodie trends as we speak. Get a taste of these flavors at Uptown Night Market on June 9th Under the Arches of Harlem from 4 p.m to 10 p.m. It’s completely FREE to come to the event that provides exclusive delights you can’t find anywhere else. RSVP to check out these awesome vendors and to take a bite from more of the 50+ food vendors that’ll be at the event!

You know you wanna schedule yourself a little cheat day, so get to it! We’ll see you at the most poppin' event of the season.

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