• Molly McElaney

5 Things to Look Forward to this Season

Harlem is NYC’S NEW Foodie Kingdom in 2022! It’s when we dethrone Williamsburg (and its schmancy, micro-bites) and bring a soul into - well - everything. We have missed dancing with you, signing with you, and sharing the best DAMN food the community has to offer. Everyone is welcome at Uptown Night Market, though a strict good vibes-only policy is in place. Here are five things to look forward to from us:

1. More EVENTS

This year, our Spring launch means that we’ll have FOUR more events than last year! More events mean MORE FUN with y’all to eat, dance, sing, support, and explore the finest of the Harlem community. Mark your calendars so you can check out the foodie kingdom of NYC on April 14 from 4-10 pm.

2. More FOOD

First and foremost, you know we are all about dat food!!!!!!! We listened to your feedback, and are bringing you even MORE local options to the biggest foodie festival. Do you want more vegan food? We got it! You want more Black-owned businesses? We got it! Every cuisine and culture under the sun will be represented at our events at affordable prices and DELICIOUS portions.

3. More MUSIC

But what’s great food without some bops to swing, sing, and grind to? Our live performances represent the best of Harlem’s local talent and its diversity. Whether you want to listen to a DJ or a singer-songwriter, we GOT YOU! With genres ranging from salsa, R&B rap, and house beats, you are going to be able to hear us from the Hudson River!


We gonna bring you that driiiiiiip to show off Harlem’s local entrepreneurs. We’re #SupportingSmallBusinesses by providing you with the best accessories, clothing, presents this side of the island. By partnering with incredible organizations such as West Harlem Development Corporation, Harlem Park to Park, New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and more, our vendors and events are going to represent you! Even more female, POC, LGBTQIA+, and immigrant-owned businesses will be shared with you so BRING THAT WALLET!


This year we're adding revolutionary technology to our events. The kind that will help reduce lines, update with sold-out items, give information about the vendors, and allow for a better, faster, more complete experience. We're the first in the open-air market scene to bring this technology to you because we love to be the first. :)

For more information, follow us on Instagram @uptownnightmarket or subscribe to our weekly newsletter here. You can also RSVP to our events here, and check out our new merch here! See you soon!

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