• Molly McElaney

MASC Hospitality Group's 2021 Numbers

Oh, what a year this has been. We were the first in the world (yes the world) to launch a Drive-in Experience during the pandemic. We were first to have an open-air market in late 2020 and the first to regain full operation in 2021. We like being the first. This year, we hosted over 50 events, and based on our hard-earned data, we can proudly say that:

We had 5,000+ average patrons (socially distanced) per event, with a grand total of 150,000+ people in the entire season. We proudly supported 150+ micro-businesses and featured over 100 performers. Among those businesses, we helped launch over three dozen new female-owned businesses into stable financial positions. And with your help, we partnered with 30+ brands to enhance our communities’ experience including Liberty Coca-Cola, Boston Beer Company, Nissan, Gorillas, NYBG, Honest Tea, and MANY more.

You guys have been keeping our social media pages FLOODED with DMs, likes, shares, comments, and more. We saw ourselves trending on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn numerous times with more than a billion combined impressions and a combined 300,000 followers. Our brands have been featured in more than 200 articles since 2017 including The New York Times, Eater, Bronx Times, and MORE! And our VIP NYC newsletter mailing list currently has 130,000 subscribers and growing, with a 23% open rate and 6.5% click rate. We work with more than 300 small/micro businesses, predominantly immigrant, POC, and women-led.

2022, we are READY for you! Mark your calendars! We’re coming back at you with our regular events in Spring 2022, so make sure to stay following us for updates. For exclusive updates and future giveaways, follow us on Instagram @maschospitality or subscribe to our weekly newsletter here. We BETTER see you next season!

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