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Top 5 International Food Vendors you NEED to Try

Updated: Mar 27

Fresh food in New York City often means seeking out international cuisine, because one of the best things about the city is how easy it is to find cuisines from all over the world. And when you’re looking for top-quality food, what better place to go than an open-air food market? The Uptown Night Market will return under the Arches of Harlem (12th Ave & West 135th St) on Thursday, April 14th from 4 PM to 10 PM and there are plenty of reasons to get excited about this food festival because we’re sharing the TOP 5 international food vendors you NEED to try!!

1. Bel-FRIES

Photo credits: @bel.fries

The dish: Classic Belgian Fries

First stop, BELGIUM. It’s hard to talk about Belgium without talking about fries, and it’s just as difficult to find better fries than Bel-Fries'. We like our fries in all shapes and sizes but the thicker the better AM I RIGHT?! For an authentic experience head over to Bel-Fries on your first night at Uptown Night Market and order yourself the Classic Belgian Fries and Roasted Garlic Aioli as you make your way down the entire night market food scene!

2. Arepa Baby LLC

Photo credits: @arepababyllc

The dish: Venezuelan Arepas

If you’re craving a taste of South America, Arepa Baby is your go-to spot. Not only will you get an amazing view of food, but you’ll also feast on authentic Venezuelan fare. Our GO-TO would have to be the La Koso, tender Pollo Asado topped with sweet peppers and feta cheese! Fun fact: Arepa Baby is a woman & immigrant-owned catering company where the mission is more than just serving delicious Arepas; these strong women are connecting and building a community made up of first gens, immigrant children, and elder siblings who struggle with the heavy responsibilities of being the first to take leaps.

3. Mamá Silog

The dish: Adobo Tacos

No need to travel to Latin America OR the Philippines because Mamá Silog is bringing the BEST Adobo Tacos to Uptown!! From Chicken Adobo, Lumpia, CRISPY Lechon, to scrumptious Pastelitos, Mamá Silog’s fusion of Filipino cuisine with Latin American flavors is a spot you DON’T want to miss at the night market! Head over to Mamá Silog for an exciting trip to flavor town baby!

4. Tada Noodles

Photo credits: @mcorkeats

The dish: Jajangmyun

We hope your taste buds are ready to go on an adventure, this dish is all things SAVORY & SWEET. Tada Noodles is whipping up some BOMB ASS Korean Black Bean Noodles AKA Jajangmyun to get y'all on your noodle pull game!! Jajangmyun is typically prepared with handmade noodles tossed with a Korean-style black bean paste, pork, and vegetables; and trust us, this shit is FLAMES. While you’re there, try their Kkanpoongi AKA Korean Spicy Fried Chicken that's DOUBLE-FRIED tossed in a sweet, tangy, and spicy sauce... But be warned, you're gonna want more than one order!

5. Rostacy

The dish: Jamaican Oxtail

There’s no better place to experience a global flavor mash-up than in NYC, where international cuisine is ubiquitous. So it makes sense that we would choose Rostacy as one of its star vendors. Check out Rostacy for some AUTHENTIC Jamaican cuisines, from Jerk Chicken, Oxtail, Curry Shrimp, Jerk Pork, and their delicious rice and peas with coconut milk!

And that’s a wrap for our top 5 international food vendors! Traveling the world is great, but there’s no need to leave New York City when you can go international just a short trip to Harlem! Uptown Night Market is opening for ANOTHER season on Thursday, April 14th and if you haven’t checked it out yet, this guide will make sure you find the best international food vendors around. From Belgium to Korea to the Caribbean, there’s something for everyone! To find more vendors like these ones, RSVP now for your chance to dive into the best of global cuisines.

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